Acupuncture is now widely recognised for its effectiveness in enhancing fertility. At Balance Acupuncture we treat many women and couples who are at different stages on the path to pregnancy and birth.

Whether you have been trying unsuccessfully, or are using Assisted Reproductive Therapies, acupuncture is an effective natural way to help you become a parent. A recent study showed that women using acupuncture were just as likely to conceive as women using a fertility drug. (source: Reuter’s Health: Fertility and Sterility 2002; 78;1149-1153).

Many gynaecological conditions can contribute to infertility. We have a particular interest in treating PCOS, amenorrhea, endometriosis, fibroids and high FSH levels.

Unexplained fertility has become more common and acupuncture can be effective in these cases too. With all fertility treatment we are working to optimise your menstrual cycle, improve ovarian function and follicular development to ensure egg quality, and improve the quality and thickness of the endometrium.

Recent studies have show that acupuncture increases the success rates of ART (Artificial Reproductive Techniques) enormously. We can help boost ovarian function, counteract the negative side effects of some of the very potent fertility medications prescribed by doctors without stopping the efficacy of the medication and help you cope with the emotional demands of trying for a baby.

Male Fertility

Many men have Acupuncture treatment. They realise that their health is just as important to be balanced as their partners.

Men tend to be overlooked in the conception process, yet the health of their sperm will contribute to the success of conception. Male infertility accounts for about 35% of couples difficulty in conceiving.

Balance Acupuncture has conducted its own research in improving sperm motility, morphology and quantity and has developed specialised treatment programmes which also take into account the emotional effects of infertility for a man.

If you have any questions about acupuncture and how it can help you please email Ian Prytherch