Deciding to pursue IVF is not a step anyone takes lightly. It is a demanding process and often follows years of hope, frustration and grief. But there are things you can do to make the experience more pleasant and more likely to bring you the result you want, the birth of your baby. Acupuncture can make a significant contribution not only to how you feel during your IVF cycle but also to your chances of success. If its your first time of going through IVF we can help you through each stage of the cycle so that you feel more prepared and empowered.

Fertility focused acupuncture treatment has been found to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, balance hormone levels, regulate the menstrual cycle and help improve the lining of the uterus and quality of eggs released. Additionally, conditions such as polycystic ovaries and endometriosis have also been shown to improve with regular Acupuncture treatment. Benefits to male fertility have also been found with positive effects on sperm count, morphology and mobility.

All of our Practitioners at Balance Clinics are experienced specialists in treating Fertility. We are happy to talk to you prior to any decision to have treatment and answer any queries or concerns you may have. Our practitioners will produce a "Fertility Programme" that is specific to your needs and wishes. We are there to support you along this journey and to help boost your chances of success.You may feel that you have run out of options, but acupuncture combined with nutrition and lifestyle changes can and does result in the impossible becoming very possible indeed."

BBC NEWS | Health Acupuncture
'boosts IVF chances'
Acupuncture therapy appears to increase the chances of successful IVF, US research suggests.

If you have any questions about acupuncture and how it can help you please email Ian Prytherch