Ian Prytherch – Clinical Director for the 90 Day Fertility Plan outlines the Plan in full.

Pioneering Programme Uses Nature to Nurture Women’s Fertility

A leading fertility expert is urging women to adopt a holistic approach to increase their chances of a successful natural conception.

Ian Prytherch worked in Harley Street for 7 years as a successful fertility specialist before travelling around the world. It was during his stay in China that he gained an appreciation for holistic therapies, including massage and acupuncture, as a valuable, and often overlooked, means to increasing successful natural conception. On his return to the UK, he took up the helm as Clinical Director of the Vitality Centre in Wandsworth and set about creating his own programme, using complementary therapies, to increase a couple’s chances of conceiving quickly and naturally.

Ian states: “After months of research I couldn’t find anything that offered a strong, proven holistic programme for boosting fertility, so I combined my particular approach to acupuncture with a range of natural therapies to create what I believe is a one-of-a-kind programme: ‘The 90 Day Fertility Plan.’”

The plan promises to give women the best chances of conceiving naturally and offers an alternative approach to medical fertility treatments such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). Instead this programme uses a blend of nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage, yoga and osteopathy.

Ian says: “I believe this programme provides women with the best chance of conceiving naturally and costs a fraction of private IVF cycles. I absolutely advocate trying the holistic route first and foremost. But there is so much advice in circulation about conception it can be confusing so I created a plan that I know works. It has worked for my clients and it worked for me – it helped me overcome my own fertility problems to become the proud father of my daughters, Lily and Annie.”

All participants begin their journey with a private consultation at the Vitality Centre. This is an opportunity to review their health and fertility experiences to date. Then Ian and fellow Vitality Centre therapists create a tailored support programme focusing on three key areas – blood flow, weight control and mental fitness.

Ian’s mantra is: “Healthy you, healthy pregnancy, healthy baby.” The ‘90 Day Fertility Plan’ is developed with these values at heart.

Ian claims the plan will:

  • Regulate the fertility cycle giving a cycle length to increase chance of conception
  • Balance hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone and correct cortisol levels
  • Boost nutrient levels and optimize digestion to promote hormonal balance
  • Ensure a healthy weight with a nutritious diet to facilitate conception while also creating a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby
  • Encourage proper circulation and blood flow to bring nutrients to the reproductive organs, cervix and uterus. Ian states that when trying to conceive at a more mature age this is vital.

“Blood flow to the reproductive organs and the lining of the endometrium is essential for pregnancy. There are many ways to enhance and improve your blood flow such as acupuncture, massage and diet.” he explains.

“Weight control is another major issue. Being under or over weight may have a negative impact on conception. We can check your BMI, arrange a nutrition plan, and provide access classes such as yoga and Pilates to ensure you are a healthy weight for carrying a child.”

“Finally being happy and positive is so important. I see many women who are stressed and anxious about getting pregnant. Sometimes it’s simply taking longer than expected. I reassure couples it often takes up to 12 months of trying, but it is totally possible to improve your chances with my 90 Day Fertility Plan.”

Ian brings a wealth of academic and therapeutic expertise in the field of fertility and obstetrics. The Vitality Centre offers a wide variety of classes, treatments and services for mums to be, plus babies and young children.

If hospital treatments cannot be avoided, Ian feels his fertility plan can support would-be parents through the challenges of more invasive methods and heighten conception rates.

Increasingly, Ian is seeing clients whose maternal age he believes is impacting on their fertility.

“Many women delay starting a family until they’re in their mid-30s or later. Although understandable, it is important to recognise fertility does decline with age and by 35 that decline is quicker. However, being healthy can counter problems that come with age. The 90 Day Fertility Plan will nurture the best possible health and create a physical environment that significantly increases chances of conceiving.”

Consultations are available with Ian by appointment only.
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